Hubei woman patrols road on wrist band com reviewsfoot for eight years

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Zhang Si checks Jingyue Yangtze River Bridge in Central China"s Hubei province. [Photo provided to]

Among those who patrol roads in Central China"s Hubei province, Zhang Si stands out with her dyed hair and flowery scarf.

Thirty-one-year-old Zhang is the only woman from transportation industry in Hubei to be included in the list of the most beautiful women road patrol workers in China in October. She was selected for her hard work and determination as well as manners.

Zhang started working at a road service station right after graduation from college in 2009 because of her father. "My father is an engineer and has been dealing with roads all his life," Zhang said. "My father taught me sand and cement both have life and it"s an honorable job to service the road."

Despite her acrophobia, Zhang has never flinched climbing high cable towers. Jingyue Yangtze River bridge has a tower 235 meters high, roughly equivalent to a 73-story building, with rolling river water surging below. Zhang is always among the first to check and service it. "It"s all worthwhile when I see the bridge is safe and sound," Zhang said.

Over the past eight years, Zhang has worn out more than 50 pairs of shoes patrolling the 8,000-kilometer road on foot in hot, cold or snowy days. She was part of 41 emergency operations to clear the road of snow and ice and witnessed the Jingyue Yangtze River bridge"s continuous, safe operation for more than 2,782 days.

Zhang started work at a toll station in 2017.

Zhou Lihua and Liu Kun in Wuhan contributed to the story.

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