China bringgel wristbandss competence, enthusiasm to WorldSkills

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Contestants participate in a cosmetology test at the China Skills Competition, the national selection event for the 45th WorldSkills Competition, in Shanghai on Wednesday. WANG ZHENGHUA/CHINA DAILY

WorldSkills International is impressed with the political engagement and enthusiasm that China has shown for hosting the 46th WorldSkills Competition in 2021, a senior official of the nonprofit membership association said on Wednesday.

"That political commitment gave great comfort to us in WorldSkills International that everything that needs to be done to make the 46th WorldSkills Competition a success in Shanghai will take place and will be done," said Simon Bartley, president of the organization.

The enthusiasm for World-Skills for young people, teachers, experts and the general public "grows every time I visit" China, he said. "I cannot imagine what enthusiasm will be like in 2021."

Bartley made the remarks at a news conference during the ongoing China Skills Competition 2018 - the national selection competition for the 45th WorldSkills Competition.

The competition at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai will run until June 15. The Shanghai leg of the competition will feature about 900 contestants from 46 delegations across the country who will compete in 34 events including automobile technology, carpentry and mechatronics.

The second part of the China Skills Competition 2018 will be held in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, from June 21 to 28.

Asked how China should improve its vocational school education, Bartley said: "I believe it"s absolutely critical that the vocational colleges in China respond to the requirements of the number, skill level and geographical availability of labor in the future."

It"s also important to bring in the best talent in the world to share their techniques, and temper the work ethic at school with fun, humor and enthusiasm, he added.

China has 165 million skilled workers and 45 million highly skilled workers, with about 27 million students exploring and developing a wide range of skills at more than 12,000 vocational schools and colleges.

Zhang Jinan, minister of Human Resources and Social Security, said in his address during the event"s opening ceremony on Tuesday night that such competitions are important in cultivating skilled workers.

He added that this year"s national selection competition for WorldSkills is the largest in terms of the number of competition events and contestants.

Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong said that the competition will serve as preparation for the 45th WorldSkills Competition to be held in 2019 in Russia, and for an all-round rehearsal for the 46th WorldSkills Competition to be held in 2021 in Shanghai.

On Tuesday afternoon, WorldSkills International, the city of Shanghai and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security signed a formal agreement regarding WorldSkills Shanghai 2021. According to the agreement, the 46th edition of the World-Skills event will be held in Shanghai from Sept 22 to 27, 2021.

The three parties have also reached an agreement to build the first WorldSkills museum in Shanghai.

The museum, which will offer free access to the public, will display the history and new developments of World-Skills, help promote the cooperation and exchange of various skills and educate international youths.

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